No way to escape, no way to hide Nothing to do but waiting to die Why did nature condemned us to live Our fucking evolution, our enemy within I won’t escape, I won’t wake up Trapped in the shell of this earthly fuck Is life illusion, or reality Or it is just a horrifying dream Dying in pain in this hell of ours Living in world that depends of mercy There is just death and that’s reality Greed, war, lies and starving misery Nightmare… is my life Nightmare… is my dream Nightmare, isn’t in my dream, it’s my reality, burns inside of me ‘Till death Nightmare, there is no escape, from reality, slowly killing me Nightmare is my life Nightmare, no place to hide, of reality, enemy of me ‘Till death Nightmare, I’m condemned to live, this reality, even in my dream Nightmare is my life Living in pain, every fucking day The end is not coming, in this maze Nightmare… is my dream
I walk alone down the stairs of life All around is darkness am I blind so I cannot see? There is no light in front of me Lost in this dead world Hunting the demons from past and future Thought the veil of mist I see the devil Guarding Iron Gate where I’ll meet my fate Rusted throne Beautiful angel takes my hand and brings me to my seat Embedded in jewels, decaying for years, the throne awaits for me There’s no difference between the whore and the fucking queen Rusted king, rusted throne, new empire is born Killed by a demon in black armor, dead for eternity But rusted throne choose my soul and gave me immortality Rusted throne is mine, for eternity Rusted throne is my immortality I walk inside the golden chamber all bow to me Hundreds of years of wait to see their king Reborn, of rotten dust to create an empire Of death and rust Rusted throne x2 Rusted throne is mine, for eternity Rusted throne is my immortality
Born in this world with innocence But living in its absurd nature I understand only fucking way is Hating humanity and this world Hating the life and the death Hating the right and the wrong Hating all that fucking shit The only way to fight is learning to hate Hate those who love,hate those who hate Hate yourself and the others Hate those who love hate those who hate Hate the ignorance and the progress Coming from the depths of soul Like evisceration with the knife Feeling my guts spilling on floor The need to hate will rip me apart Learning to hate, the only way Learning to hate Feed the world with misery and hatred Feel the darkness spreading inside Hatred, hatred, hatred How can we live in this fucking world? Full of destruction, misery and hate Yet they teach us to love everyone Teach your children to hate Teach them all not to obey Teach them to choose their way Teach them to do what they say The only way to fight is learning to hate
I want this world to burn, to see a glare of hihgest fire Fire that burns the greatest cities, fire that burn the oldest forests Igniting the sky, burning its clouds, consuming all on its path Purifying infested nature, burning all hopes for rebirth Degrade, from decay, the deceiver, from decay, slaves of fire, From decay, let us burn, from decay, disintegrate, from decay Spawned from decay, in disintegration, with will to destroy Disintegrate I want to see the shadows dancing on the walls Like souls burnt to death in raging blaze Pain turned to pleasure, while burning alive I am living fire, I’m purification Disintegration I want this world to burn See the fire burns your roots See the magma builds inside See the power it hides Burning for eternity All the power belongs to me Price for immortality Burning portal is calling me I want this world to burn Consume flesh in agony Great deceiver let me burn Burn your body, life and soul Burning for eternity All the power belongs to me Price for immortality Burning portal is calling me I want this world to burn, to see the fire burns your faith Fire that pukes holy flames right on your blind convictions Provoque the discord to reign alone, destroying all, right or wrong Violating burning corpses, extazing in lust in sodomy Spawned from decay, in desintegration With will to destroy, slaves of fire Feel the approach of disintegrator
Do I hear the screams from street Is there some kind of trouble coming Someone dares to attempt our freedom I’m running down the street Hot asphalt under my feet In my mind the hatred’s growing I want to burn them all alive In my hand is burning bottle And inside some kind of gas I’m throwing the holy cocktail Flaming liquid spills all over Spark of fire ignites the hell Armored pigs squeal in anguish We will face the armored scum We will brake the iron fence They will move out of our way I want to burn them all alive Running, run with me We will run together Right into this riot Running, you will run with me We will burn this city Right from this riot I inhale the poisoned gas I welcome the pain inside There is no tears to stop us now Even blind we will attack You will run with me Right into this riot How it feels to be free To fight for your opinion Who the fuck they think they are They just want to control our lives Will you let them take controle No you won’t, you’ll kill them all Burn the symbols, burn the flags Burn the buildings and all the rest There is always price to pay For them to live another fucking day Into the riot We will live as we want We will do what’s right for us We will say what we are thinking So we are running into the riot We will make them understand Not to fuck with the people I want to burn them all alive I inhale the poisoned gas I welcome the pain inside There is no tears to stop us now Even blind we will attack You will run with me Right into the riot How it feels to be free To fight for your opinion Beware bastards this horde is coming All the guilty will shit their pants Crushed by pressure of their treason Hide and suffer‘Till the end Into the riot
All my life I sinned the most But when I’m drunk I’m fucking worst Drink is my fatality And sinning is my reality don’tcare about your dreams I don’t care what they think of me I will drink and fuck and sin I’ll let loose the monster within Only hatred forces me To fight and fuck for blasphemy Forces me to drink your blood Forces me to fuck your god I believed in god, I confessed my sins But oak doors of church were closed for me So I returned back in the street I followed the junkies in the fucking crypt I’m fucking drunken sinner, I’m fucking unbeliever I’ll destroy your little world By strongest scream you’ll ever heard This is the end of your dreams World’s never what it seems I don’t care what others say I don’t care what the price to pay There’s no place for your style There’s no place for you to hide Welcome to my hell, this prison that I dwell There is no story to tell, in black pit I have fell I see the blood inject your eyes I see the alcohol sinks your mind Feel that power of alcohol All your problems exists no more After the fucking show tonight We’ll be drunk and that’s alright We will slam and break our bones Desecrate the funeral stones
Visions will arise from dephts of hell A great fucking serpent with multiple heads Each bloody head devours a virtue And then it vomits the black rotting spew Like acid burns this fragile world Drowning it in unholy slime Agony that lasts for thousands of years No awakening from this nightmare Already decaying and falling apart Nothing can stop this terrible killer Forming the serpent for ages to come In this destruction hate survives Lost on the edge of insanity Chaos prevails All living will pay -for their sins Cause there is no saviour- for you He is burning in hell For sins of others Leaving the rotting world On serpents mercy Destroy to create Feathered serpent attacks with poison And eats itself with a same hatred Its reckless hate destroys the worlds Its only weapons are sadness and sorrow Destroy to create Lost on the edge of insanity Chaos prevails Making our lives, just a dream But the awakening, torment Winding the paths of the unknown Great serpent creates misery and war
Awoken by anguish in dead of the night Trying to figure out what is not right What’s fucking problem, where is solution There is something wrong with evolution I need burning water, I want liquid steel In this fucking world only death is real Bitter taste of liquer drives me insane Drugs in my blood take away my pain My body is in need of its own cure Give me white powder and alcohool pure Give me the mushs and various pills? I want to know how does it feels In my head the chaos rules Living this life is just for fools Closer to death by intoxication Going to hell only salvation Do I want to live or do I want to die Who fucking cares when we are high If I’m sober another fucking day Insanity will be the price to pay I can’t stand this fucking world Scream of protest will be heard White line’s always getting longer And its effect stronger and stronger Narcotic death
Desire of the flesh, desires of the eyes Pride in possessions, coming from the world Our sinful nature, wants us to do evil The total opposite, of what the Spirit wants For the flesh craves, what father won’t accept Flesh and spirit, antagonistic to each other Flesh desire, impurity, flesh desire, idolatry Flesh desire, immorality, flesh desi Works of the flesh are evident Sexual immorality impurity, sensuality Idolatry and sorcery Enmity, strife, and jealousy fits of anger, rivalries Dissensions, divisions and envy Drunkenness and orgies Passions of our flesh, carrying out desire of body and the mind what your corrupt nature wants Get drunk with wine, for that’s debauchery According to flesh, it’s passion of the lust And so many will follow their sensuality And the way of truth, will be blasphemed Dead in the trespasses, in sins which we walk Children of wrath like the rest of the mankind Passions of our flesh, carrying out desire, of body and the mind Flesh desire
Metal salvation, saved our fucking lives Metal salvation, it’s our basic rights And freedom The time has come for us, to rule this world We’ll have our rightful place, by the cost of blood As new order arrives, we will prepare for fight And to impose our ways, to dominate Seed the spark of metal, all over the planet Poison spirits of weak and we’ll control their faith We’ll gather the warriors, conquer our land Metal salvation new order arrives We will make this metal state where no fags are allowed Where you renounce all your life and became one of the loud Only true love can give you the chance to earn the right To live in state of metal and to free your mind Cause the metal is more important than your own fucking life Our religion, our culture, our fucking way of life No fucking wimps allowed, no hippies and no fucking techno shit No fucking judges, no fucking cops, no fucking laws to obey Who wouldn’t like to live, in our Eden’s garden? In the state of freedom, pleasure and indulgence Is it our unknown fate, or destiny? Is it our deepest love, or just eternal hate? It’s because we carry, metal is in our blood Metal is in our mind, Metal saves our world Metal salvation, new order arrives Metal salvation, it’s our basic rights And freedom