Hailing from the depths of Quebec City (Canada), RIOTOR was twisted into form in early 2007 and has been wreaking havoc ever since. Their self-produced demos, DEATH AND DESTRUCTION (2007) and FUCKING METAL (2008) were critically acclaimed in underground zines all over the world and reissued on various labels. In September 2010, BEAST OF RIOT, the band's first album was released by Bestial Invasion Records (in Scotland back then) and by Dying Victims records (Germany). A European alcohol-fueled devastation took the band to France, Germany, Belgium and Poland. During its history, the band spat their venomous metal alongside hordes such as RAZOR, DESTRÖYER 666, BLASPHEMY, NOCTURNAL, DIAMOND HEAD, PILEDRIVER, ONSLAUGHT, CRUEL FORCE, KRISIUN, THRONEUM, VAE VICTIS, KETZER, DBC, WITCHTRAP, AURA NOIR and many more. In 2015, the beast awoke, stroke the USA for the first time and released its second album RUSTED THRONE on Infernö Records (France), unleashing its own brand of extreme thrashing metal once again. The year 2016 saw the beginning of long-time bassman and founding member Mikalcoholic on vokills and the release of a new version of the second album called CURSED THRONE on Bestial Invasion Records (now in Sweden). 2019 will be a milestone in the band's history as it will see the release of a split with german black/thrash killers VAE VICTIS, the release of the third opus of the beast and an european tour. LIVE FOR STEEL - DIE FOR FUCKING STEEL !!!